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Lorena gilson him welcome to run country. Darlings it's time for Lance TV a face bani fără investiții from Ballarat. I'm Gabriella Laci and I'm lexy Now we've got a very fantastic show for you.

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We've got is it the look we've got what's hot. We've got a speakeasy with Eli Zara and we have a very very camp guests. Dane Max. I'm sorry.

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Got the thingy thing happening as well. I am doing the same thing very special, so I'm going out to a lot of people opțiunile hyenas binary very special song near and dear to my heart you'll see why at the end of the show What else is going on? You're here. I'm here We're Lance TV if you've just joined us for the first time. We're pretty excited about that, one of which is for Personality of the year, which is me.

And yeah sad. I'm I'm glad you're sad. Why can't I win the award for lack of personality because that's not right? What are we doing now? We're going to go over to the other set. We'll see you after this and now coming to you live from the heart of Ballarat.

It's time to get your groove on. Find your happy place. And together let's shoot for the stars. This is Lance TV. Hello everyone here we are in the other set. I'm quite good at a parallel park, a reverse parallel park.

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Yeah, yeah, it's like a dodging car ride. I think it's the first one or the second one. I can't remember.

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I know it's not the Beyonce one, but he's he's in the steam roller or the little go kart thing and he's opțiunile hyenas binary to get through the whole time and he does like it's in the tunnel. Yeah and he gets stuck in. Very clever the golf buggy there that that very reminiscent.

We've got lots of things to talk about I would like to start for those of you who are just joining us. I've never been to a council meeting before. It was very interesting. There were a number of speakers there from the from our local community.

Opțiunile hyenas binary was there was there? Oh, I can't think she has. Alexander Bravo. With here as well and they all. There was one councilor in particular, who was like I'm all for it, but let's opțiunile hyenas binary put it off and we'll do something else. It was quite wonderful that all of the other. We are not putting this off night. We're actually going to talk about it. I think about a month ago now, yeah he he. He didn't really snazzy little move. He actually second the motion so he was able to talk at the end of everybody talking.

It's a snazzy little maneuver. Daniel Speak. He got a couple of words out and then he just stopped here. I I think it was just so very overwhelmed with emotions around the subject.

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Opțiunile hyenas binary actually nearly cried. I nearly cried because opțiunile hyenas binary was crying. I was like no. Rosie can you bring up the article Fișier ca binar to say the motion was was granted so the work now is in the pipeline somewhere at some point that a LGBT community in Ballarat, we'll we'll go ahead, which is really exciting news.

There seems to be a lot of councils across Victoria, who are making moves Rainbow moves and positive. Rainbow moves for our community, It's a beautiful thing to see.

I was very privileged to sit with. From their own hearts as well and and help get that across the line so congratulations to everybody involved but more so congratulations to everybody in Ballarat. It's a beautiful thing and as I said, II was very privileged to to to see history happen before my very eyes.

Other Ballarat News as a regular viewers will know Channel 31 is actually being faced again with. Having the broadcast license removed. I'm being me you know what I'm like Are you you. I'm me of all the people stop it all the people. I like to take a bit of action. I went to go and see our state member not because the broadcasting thing is a federal thing, but I went to go opțiunile hyenas binary see our state member on Thursday morning The lovely Mikayla can we have mikayla's photo up, Please fuzzy's Mikaela.

We had a lovely chat about the green paper. We've got opțiunile hyenas binary Lance TV. Badge on there, she's fantastic, she was really wanting to help as best she could. I did let her know that.

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Let him know that there are constituents in Mikayla's area who are going to be affected by this as well, I am seeing. I would.

Anybody who is a regular watcher to channel thirty-one, be at our show, be it out of the can be it Russian Russian influence in TV. It's not just me. It's not the easiest thing to do. It's I've been waiting 3 weeks now to see. Catherine on Monday, so it's not an instant thing we have until the twenty-third of May to to try and get.

Facebook page. Scroll down you'll find conversation there around the green paper and there is a link that will forex robot review you directly to the green paper and I think this one on our page and what we'll do tomorrow or maybe opțiunile hyenas binary after the show tonight, we'll repost it on our page.

I urge you to have a look at it and I. Do urge you to get to your federal member because after if you leave it too late it honestly is it very well could be the end of independent voices. That's all I can say at this point. Do you have anything you want to say about that? I'm thirsty now, so I've tried to have a little sip. Do you know what? We never do a little cheese on the show. Cheers Cheers cheers to everyone watching tonight, especially those of you at home. We had some Ramos Ramos here and and family here today, so that was very nice opțiunile hyenas binary came in and stole some of our props but you know what to expect.

In light of that, we're now going to go to our first segment. They're speaking with Ezra from. Oh gosh, I want to call it out of Melbourne. Ezra is the interviewee and Eli Zara at the interviews.

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Lance TV will be back with you. Welcome back to another exciting episode of Speakeasy with Eli Zara this week, We're chatting to Ezra, who is the chief marketing officer at Australia at for Australia, is an organization that provides support through role modeling mentorship and events for emerging LGBT plus professionals.

Ezra is a transgender neurodiverse non-binary, Queer and Jewish person with plenty of tells to tell they are passionate about the power of authentic intersectional and inclusive storytelling and today they're coming to programe de tranzacționare a opțiunilor from our country.

Firstly can I get you to tell us a little bit about up for Australia and what makes this? Our purpose is really to a champion authenticity in the workplace. We're all of that being obviously at for Australia out in the workplace and our mission is to provide visible mentors role models for leadership and targeted support to aspiring LGBTQ plus professionals, and when we strengthen a sense of community among professionals and students, you're reaching out to connect to those areas through your road trips.

Can you tell us a little bit about those events that will be running? We're partnering with yourselves at PGT Bendigo and also partnering with Judy Pride in shepherding and that'll be I believe life workshops so focus on conversation focus on discussion focus on the the the details of what it is to be Queer and out in in regional rural spaces in the workplace.

It really is on working together with communities and with individuals in those spaces to create something great and something new and something amazing and mentorship can really provide so much guidance. The other thing I always reinforce to people when we're talking about mentorship is that you can be at any stage in your career and be both a mentor and an mt, and we all have something to offer.

It's all there sign myself up as as a mentor and or as a mentee, the more people we have in that space, the more people we have sharing their opțiunile hyenas binary sharing their knowledge and their wisdom.

The more we can build up a repertoire of of you know people to talk to so what can the community do for out for Australia? How opțiunile hyenas binary we get involved and how can we give back? There's obviously. Opțiunile hyenas binary we've spoken about that's really really a core part of what we do. It's our core offering, but we're always looking for volunteers as well. We're looking for people to get involved in the organization and help us drive that success so you can go to our website at for Australia.

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There's a volunteer with US page still got a really exciting program opțiunile hyenas binary virtual so online events that people can tune into and so follow us on social media.

We post all our events on Facebook and Instagram and on LinkedIn. Next week for more community content interviews and our fabulous faces, please remember to subscribe to our YouTube opțiunile hyenas binary for extended episodes and like our Facebook page to show you our love for speakeasy and LGBT our community see you next time. Follow and subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube pages to watch the full interview at speakeasy Lance Opțiunile hyenas binary will be back right after this break.

Thank you for all the comments that are happening in this in this thread as well, very exciting your support and your love is amazing talking about amazing.

There is a host of things happening across Victoria over the coming few weeks and let's go through it now, please fuzzy. Here we go, There's the first one sister bill opțiunile hyenas binary is oh gee. That's the that's actually the fourth nation a opțiunile hyenas binary I see it is totally chucky ball.

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Motor City on Saturday the eighth of May at a gold rush a mini golf there in Ballarat. It's a great little venue. Oh, that's the cabaret. It's the cabaret Club. That's great.

Intersex is a group of conditions where there is a discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal genitals the testes and ovaries. The older term for this condition, hermaphroditism, came from joining the names of a Greek god and goddess, Hermes and Aphrodite. Hermes was a god of male sexuality among other things and Aphrodite a goddess of female sexuality, love, and beauty. Although the older terms are still included in this article for reference, they have been replaced by most experts and patients and families because they are misleading, confusing, and insensitive.

Hi, Jenny Frye. It's a it's a raffle riding them on the bike. Really interesting, this is this is south Australia. I think little man cabaret cabaret, so there's a fringe festival happening in the 90s. Yeah, that looks really super interesting. So yeah there you go look at us with that sort of like final movement. No we weren't. It's great. We weren't hovering just lurking in the distance lurking. I'm very good at lurking.

I'll tell you else. So who else is good at lurking to is Dana Carey Dean.

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It is. Maiden maiden voyage show for to see with glove at the hall on Tuesday. It was a great great show if you will like the space at has and hyenas and you love dana's work get tickets he's on again next Tuesday.

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I believe the tickets are almost sold out, so you know what you're talking about right now. That's what I think. Welcome back Channel thirty-one You're watching and let's TV.