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Novotek trading llc director general. Farkhad Akhmedov

The joint venture is expected to offer one of the largest multistage completions portfolios in the market as well as one of the leading hydraulic fracturing fleet in the industry. Weatherford will support statistici de opțiuni binare JV with its leading multistage completions portfolio, cost-effective regional manufacturing capability and supply chain.

Schlumberger, on the other hand, will provide access to its industryleading surface and downhole technologies, novotek trading llc director general operational processes and advanced geoengineered workflows. Subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, the transaction is expected to close in the second half of Per the terms of the agreement, Schlumberger and Weatherford will contribute their respective North America land hydraulic fracturing pressure pumping assets, multistage completions and pump-down perforating businesses.

Weatherford is also entitled to receive a one-time cash payment of USD million from Schlumberger.

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Schlumberger will be responsible for managing the joint venture and consolidating it for purposes of financial reporting. The FY results are in line with the objectives and reflect Siemens long term strategy which includes three main development areas: automation, electrification and digitalization.

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Equally, an upward trend was recorded for new orders in most of the business lines: from transport and factory automation to energy. The total number of employees, in all Siemens companies in Romania, reached 1, people mainly determined by the development in research and development, but also due to the expansion of the manufacturing activity. Locally, large infrastructure projects financed by European funds and smart cities projects are areas with development potential.

These awards aim to pay homage to those in the strategie de tranzacționare a opțiunilor milioane and reward them for their outstanding accomplishments. They have to lead to solutions that are easy to use, cost-efficient, reliable and offer high value. Refineries and tank storage facilities worldwide are using the wide range of products from Implico as on-premises solutions or — increasingly — as cloud services.

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The Novotek trading llc director general on New Technology Awards showcases the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future. The AutoFrac system was selected based on a number of criteria, including the requirement that the technology be new and innovative, demonstrate proven performance, have broad appeal for the industry and provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies.

The system enables efficient stimulation in openhole sections of extendedreach offshore wells where traditional technologies have often failed to provide adequate reliability. Key subsidiaries import, store, sell and distributes gaseous and liquid fuels. They also generate heat and electricity.

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PGNiG holds stake in about 30 companies including entities that provide professional geophysical, drilling and maintenance services. Enjoying the membership will allow us to get involved in joint initiatives with other exploration and production stakeholders from the whole world. Borr Drilling Ltd. There have been positive steps which have helped to integrate women into the industry, but females continue to be under-represented. Turning back in time years, yes, we can say that you are right: it was a world dominated by men.

I am certain that the two determinants, intellectual maturity and behavioural decency, are vectors applicable to all people.

Divorce proceedings[ edit ] InAkhmedov's wife, Tatiana Akhmedova, to whom he was married sincefiled for a divorce in the UK, where she resided with their two children. During the proceedings, Farkhad Akhmedov claimed the marriage had already been dissolved due to her disloyalty in by a Russian decree granted in the Moscow Court. However, no official records of the proceedings have been found by Russian lawyers or the UK court. As a result, the UK court determined that "The inference to be drawn [ But in mid-October his claims were dismissed again as the court decided to uphold the lower court's ruling that Akhmedov failed to submit credible evidence of an earlier divorce.

Of course, certain perceptions or beliefs, seemingly impossible to refute, contributed to a misconception regarding the skills and capabilities of women to acquire a range of general skills, specific and transversal, enabling them to participate in 16 various industrial fields.

Regardless of the sector, even if it was the privilege of men, I am convinced that together we will overcome the mental barriers, which lead to management errors, with relevant arguments. The challenges are constant.

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The consequences are hard to measure, as you are not responsible only for yourself. However, through dialogue and communication, the solutions can be identified. Working in this field is a permanent challenge. I admit, it was not at all easy to make my partners listen to me.

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But gradually, I managed to make myself heard and the arguments and my professional achievements made them accept my views. There should be no difference between a man and a woman who works in this field: the challenges are permanent, and the responsibility is always the same.

When and why did you join Winstar?

Farkhad Akhmedov

What are your main responsibilities within the company and key achievements? I joined Winstar in and it has been a tremendous experience for me. I have always been intrigued by the oil and gas industry and I cherish the opportunity that the Company has provided to me.

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Since I have worked for the company, I have continued taking on more and more responsibilities which have helped me developed my skills and talents. Every day I come to work to take on all the challenges and projects that the oil and gas industry presents each day.

Serinus currently produces oil and gas in Tunisia and had produced gas in Ukraine until February last year, at which time they sold their interest and exited the country.

As all this was going on, Romania became the focus of the Company going forward. Getting the approval for Phase three of our concession agreement on October 28,was very important. With that in place, we were able to make the decision to proceed with bringing our two gas discoveries in Moftinu onto experimental production. Tell us more about the exploration coverage of the Satu Mare Concession and the Moftinu gas field.

Petroleum Industry Review April by Energy Industry Review - Issuu

Successful test novotek trading llc director general validate eventual recompletion of novotek trading llc director general wells to fully access these reserves.

Success may indicate additional appraisal locations in the area. Winstar agreed with NAMR a new work program to be carried out during the extension period. Both wells are following up on the Moftinu well drilled inprior to the novotek trading llc director general of 3D seismic over the area, and is located down dip of both the Moftinu and bis wells.

The Moftinu and bis locations novotek trading llc director general been selected using 3D seismic and are targeting Miocene and Pliocene sands at depths between 1, - 2, metres, within structural closures in combination with seismic amplitude anomalies. Moftinu gas discovery should provide production and cash flow in Serinus looks at the big picture and wants to do not only what is right for its investors, but also be a committed contributor to the growth and development of the country of Romania.

Yamal lng city. Locuri de muncă la Yamal LNG

As Country Manager for Romania, you supervise the drilling program of the company. What are the latest developments and the next stages of Moftinu gas field objective? Following the start-up of the Moftinu experimental production project, the Company is going to drill the first two commitment exploration wells of the Phase 3 extension.

These are planned to be completed in the first half of After this, we will decide how best to proceed with further exploration activities on the concession. The Company is very excited about the potential of the Satu Mare concession.

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What are the main benefits of this project? Such facilities will separate well fluids and perform gas conditioning in view of its delivery to Transgaz.

Yamal lng city. Locuri de muncă la Yamal LNG

The first unit is for the separation of gas and associated liquids from wells and covers an inlet manifold, a high pressure three phase test separator, a high pressure two phase production separator, a low pressure three phase production separator, a condensate storage tank and a water storage tank. The gas from low pressure separator shall be used as fuel gas in the TEG dehydration unit.

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The gas from high pressure separators shall be directed to GCU that includes a TEG dehydration unit to achieve a proper water dew point and a LTS unit to achieve a proper hydrocarbon dew point.

The condensate from LTS shall be directed into the condensate storage tank at the separation facility. The project and its completion will result in no harm to the environment. Also, the proposed works will not lead to the occurrence of continuous sources of pollution to water, air and soil and the maximum allowable standard limits will not be exceeded.

Fluids will be separated from the well gas gas, condensate, produced water in the new facilities at Moftinu, in two stages.

According to current gas delivery requirements the gas has to be dehydrated to get a dew point of °C to pressure in delivery point and heavy novotek trading llc director general condensate separated.

Obviously, our Company will benefit from this project, but just as important will novotek trading llc director general the local and national economic benefits as well as the employment and business opportunities the project offers to the citizens and businesses of Romania. With these milestones achieved, the project can then move onto the construction stage, which will be about eight months duration.

After testing and commission, the project should be in production in the 1Q of On October 28,NAMR approved the addendum letter for an additional three-year exploration period on the concession. What are the plans for the near future in Romania and the region? Are there other new concessions the company intends to acquire? As you may be aware, a new management team was established at Serinus in September, It has been such a pleasure to work with them and to have them invite me to all management and strategy meetings.

Novotek trading llc director general have made tremendous progress in the relative short time we have been together, including getting the addendum letter, moving forward on the experimental production project and being able to raise the money to move forward with 20 the project. Obviously, we will always be looking at new opportunities in Romania that can help the Company grow and expand.

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The Company will make acquisitions that fit its strategy and make technical and financial sense to achieving these objectives. You are also involved in creating novotek trading llc director general business opportunities and a stable environment for more Romanian-Canadian projects.

What are the results so far? I see more and more people and companies who are attracted by the idea of starting or conducting their business in Romania. On the other side, I see the Romanian community is growing and growing each day, and this can only make me feel happy.

We novotek trading llc director general that there is no sure shot success formula, and yet successful people are driven by a series of things they value. So, what are you driven by? I am driven by the new challenges my job brings every day. It is such a rewarding experience to work with such a smart and dedicated team of colleagues. The Company looks at the big picture and wants to do not only what is right for its investors, but also be a committed contributor to the growth and development of the country of Romania.

Republic of Moldova does not have its own proven gas reserves and meets its gas needs by importing natural gas from Russia. Inthe consumers in the Republic of Moldova received some 3 billion cubic meters of Russian gas. Overall, Moldova can cover only about one fourth of its energy needs, mostly electricity. To this it adds the eagerness of President Igor Dodon to forge closer relations with Moscow, at novotek trading llc director general cost, while the Moldovan government and the parliament would rather bet on getting closer to the EU.

The natural gas prices were of about USD per thousand cubic metres in due to lower price of oil and gas on international markets but were of about USD per thousand cubic metres during Romanian gas supply would be a solution, but the Iasi - Ungheni gas pipeline project extension to Chisinau is going slow.