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This means you can now use data defined properties wherever text formats are used, e. This can be used when evaluating data defined text format properties while rendering scale bar text, and ultimately allows you to have per-label customisation of the text format inside scale bars e. Now you can define whether labels are shown above or below the scalebar itself, as well as setting whether labels are centered in the middle of a segment or placed at its end.


Now, by default, we apply a simplification while writing out PDF or Bani rapid wow crcle files, causing geometries to be simplified and automatically removing any redundant vertices which are e. No more ridiculously complex and large export file size for your QGIS print layouts!

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Aside from the file size issues, these also cause problems when trying to load into other applications, e. Inkscape, which chokes on the huge number of vertices and grinds to a crawl….

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So, in QGIS 3. Read more about this are related features here.

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No more user confusion! If you open this PDF with a compatible PDF viewer, you will then be able to toggle layers on and off, pan and zoom around the PDF and interactively interrogate features!

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Futhermore, you can re-import these GeoPDF documents back into QGIS as vector layers, and see all the bani rapid wow crcle in their original locations and with their original attribute values. GeoPDF export is available for either print layouts or map canvas exports. You can even choose to export multiple map themes into a single GeoPDF document, so that your readers can interactive switch between these themes!

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